Tobacco-Free Road Map Steps

Make the Case – Build Support

Involve your regional tobacco control manager early on. You don’t have to do this alone! Learn how to build support.

A guide to policy implementation: Dimensions Tobacco-Free Policy Toolkit.

Check out our Listening Session Guide and Sample Agenda

Develop & Adopt Tobacco-Free Policy

Learn More.

Staff Training

Learn more.

Integrate tobacco use treatment into clinical processes

Offer tobacco use treatment: medication and counseling services to clients and staff.

You can learn more about community resources and how to refer here


    An important part of every step of the journey. Communicate early and often about this policy change.

    Learn more

    Prepare the environment

    Install signage, decals, posters and have “policy cards” onsite.

    Remove ashtrays and thoroughly clean.

    Clients & staff lead effort to convert smoking areas into something else that supports their goals.

    Organize a “practice day” prior to the policy implementation date.

    Promote adherence & evaluate

    Launch your policy: Promoting adherence to the policy should be consistent over time & equally applied to staff, clients, & visitors.
    Learn how to promote adherence from our FAQs

    Communication, training, and evaluation of tobacco use treatment & policy activities and outcomes become permanent parts of organization activities.
    Evaluate- learn how to create an evaluation plan

    Icon attributions: Six of the icons used on this page are from the Noun Project and were created by the following artists: communication- Ragal Kartidev, building support- Lisa Waananen, policy- Shems Eddine Boukhatem, preparing the environment- Davide Benatti, staff training-Musmellow, and evaluation- Priyanka.